Ez Patient Generated Health Data at Your Fingertips

  • Home Monitoring : effortless recording & sharing - Collect your health data from all your sensors such as wearables, smart weight scales, BP cuffs, blood glucose meter and send them to your care providers electronically.
  • Don’t remember? No problem! Easy tracking, better diagnosis - Generate personalized reports with Pain chart, Mood chart and Medication/Medical history to send to your care providers electronically.
patient health data
healthcare providers

Ez Access to Healthcare Providers

  • How long would you wait? How far would you go? - Find nearby hospitals and clinics with current wait-time.
  • No more repeating - Forward your health profile information ahead of your visit.
  • Hassle Free visits, your way of booking - E-register or E-book an appointment with the clinics.
  • Stay Connected, conveniently! - Secured texting, emailing and video conferencing with care providers.

Ez Control of Your Health

  • Stay on top, live better! - Manage, track and share your Care Plans, Medication, Mood Swings and Pain Levels.
mode management
health dashboard

Ez Health-Dashboard

  • What will the Doctors See? - When you send an e-Visit request, doctors will receive your Health-Dashboard with vital charts, family history, medication, allergies, pain charts and mood charts.